Events 2016

Visit to the Museum of London Docklands

World Traders and their partners spent the morning of Sunday 23rd October visiting the Museum of London Docklands, brainchild of our late Founding Master, Peter Drew.

This was the first event in The Master's calendar and was designed to show the origins of London's trading links with the World. Of particular interest was the Rum and Sugar exhibition, depicting the "triangular trade". Britain exported arms, trinkets and cloth to West Africa, purchasing slaves to be transported to the West Indies and the Americas. Profits were used to bring back rum and sugar for sale back home.

Reconstruction of the old port area of London was atmospheric. We were given a talk on the spice trade. Sadly, some World Traders knew a lot more about the subject than the hapless speaker.

The visit was followed by lunch at nearby Brown's restaurant, an occasion enjoyed by all judging by the noise we made.