The Worshipful Company of World Traders is a modern, vibrant and active Livery Company working within a fine tradition. Our membership comprises of people from a diverse range of professions and backgrounds who come together at our social and business events to enjoy each others company and exchange their thoughts and ideas.

The Tacitus Lecture

The World Traders' Tacitus Lecture was inaugurated in 1988 and is now believed to be the largest event of its type in the City of London. It is held annually and provides the Company with an opportunity to demonstrate to a wider audience its concern with issues affecting world trade. This notable event has attracted important speakers of prestige and distinction in diverse fields concerned with world trade.


Whilst the The World Traders' Tacitus Lecture is undoubtedly our flagship event. We also host a diverse variety of other events - both informal and formal - for our members.

Fund activities

Almost from their earliest times the ancient guilds undertook a responsibility for the education and training of young people. We are no exception, and are proud of the funding we provide to this sector.