About Livery Companies

Picture courtesy of Simon Leach, Liveryman,
The Worshipful Company of Bowyers.

The City of London Livery Committee

Picture of the City of London crest

Liveryman Nigel Pullman, sometime Clerk to the World Traders, is now presently the Chairman of the City’s Livery Committee.

In that role, and in an effort to pull the multiplicity
of livery company related websites together under one roof, the Livery Committee have created a new domain www.liverycompanies.info which aims to be the gateway into all livery related on-line information.

From there, a couple of clicks will take you quickly to the City Briefings booking site, the Fishmongers list of liveries, a Diary of City events, and much more. This new site aims to complement individual company sites such as www.world-traders.org but to offer World Traders a broader perspective on other livery and City civic activities, news and history. It also aims to answer some of the questions most often asked of the Committee by liverymen of all levels of knowledge and experience.

For more, please visit www.liverycompanies.info