Past Masters

Mr Michael Wren, Master 2009-2010

Picture of Mr Michael Wren

In 1945 Amy Wren having married Alan Wren in Egypt in 1943 and having served abroad in the Middle East, North Africa and Italy throughout the second World War as an officer with Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps returned home to her native North Yorkshire where Michael was born. Within six months the family moved to Burgess Hill in Sussex where the Senior Warden has lived ever since.

With no particular career in mind Michael joined Ditchling Press in 1963 as a management trainee working with PA Management Consultants on the implementation of an incentive scheme and for the next three years with slide rule and stop watch in hand spent many a daunting day measuring and studying work patterns on the shop floor. In 1977 having reached board level within the company he decided to go it alone and started his own business in Hove that eventually grew into Walden Communications Group with businesses in London as well as on the south coast.

In 1991 having decided to centre business activities in London only, Michael had the good fortune to become involved in City life by becoming a member of Tower Ward Club and eventually becoming Master in 2000 - 2001. This was followed by being elected to the Livery of The Worshipful Company of Bowyers' in 1994 where he currently sits on the Court as Renter Warden. In 1996 while in conversation with the Clerk at the time, John Norman, Michael was introduced to the Worshipful Company of World Traders' and as the say the rest is history. In the City he is also a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspapermakers and a member of the City Livery Club and also Bishopsgate Ward Club. He is also a member of the Army and Navy Club (RAG) as a non military member reflecting a keen interest in the history of both World Wars and family connections and involvement in those times.

Having always been interested in sport and a believer that it has a great contribution to make to education and the broader fulfilment of life he has a wide range of interests. Initially this was in swimming, athletics and cycle racing moving onto offshore yacht racing and competing in events such as the Fastnet Race on a number of occasions. In later life playing golf or watching cricket and rugby are found to be an enjoyable way to fill leisure hours coupled with keeping a fairly large garden in order.

Michael married Carol Cameron in 1966 and they have two children, Emma, born 1972, who after graduating from UCL joined NYK Shipping in the City and Andrew, born 1975 who is currently Art Director on Wallpaper* magazine the international arts magazine published by IPC. The family was recently enlarged by the arrival of a grand daughter, Ella, born to Emma and her husband Ivan in February. Carol retired from banking in 2005 and is currently a director of the local Age Concern.