Annual Country Partnership

As a result of an initiative by the Future Strategy Committee, in 2003 the Court agreed the proposal that each year The Worshipful Company of World Traders should partner a country. Though the formal liaison will last for one year only, the intention is that the Master in whose year the selected country ispartnered will continue to take a personal interest in the country during his remaining time on the Court – normally six years – on behalf of the Company.
In selecting a country, it was agreed that advice be sought from the Mansion House, with the intention of choosing a country that the Lord Mayor planned to visit during his year in office. It may then be appropriate for the Master to accompany the Lord Mayor on his visit – if invited to do so.

South Africa 2009-2010

For the year 2009-2010 the Master chose South Africa.
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Oman 2007-2008

For the year 2007-2008 the Master has chosen the Oman, and it is expected that the Lord Mayor will visit that country during his year in office
Arrangements for Robert Alston and other interested World Traders to accompany the visit will be advised in due course.
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Portugal 2006-2007

For the year 2006-2007 Jack Wigglesworth chose Portugal
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Hungary 2005-2006

For the year 2005-2006 William King chose the Republic of Hungary, andt the Lord Mayor visited Budapest during his year, accompanied by The Master World Trader and a number of liverymen including Andy Prindl, the volunteer LO.
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Vietnam 2004-2005

For the year 2004-2005 Eric Stobart chose the Republic of Vietnam, and it is expected that the Lord Mayor will visit Hanoi in early July 2005.
Vietanh Nguyen, representing the ambassador, HE Mr Trinh Duc Du, in a meeting with the Master, expressed her enthusiasm for our initiative, and said they were honoured that their country had been chosen by the World Traders.
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Latvia 2003-2004

The Company year commencing October 2003 saw the start of the idea in practice, and the selected country was the Republic of Latvia. The Lord Mayor visited all the new EU accession states during his year, so Latvia, one of them, was chosen as a country with a particularly strong trading history, and being of a size with which we could make some impression – ie not too small, but not too large!
It is envisaged that we shall be able to offer some hospitality to their Embassy during the year. Already the ambassador’s deputy has formally addressed us on Latvian trade at a Business lunch, which was fully subscribed, and proved both interesting and popular. The Master of the year, Eric Tracey, will now retain his interest, and is already planning a return trip to Riga with the other masters of his year.
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