Statement Of Political Neutrality

The World Traders is a membership organisation affiliated with a charitable trust. Our role is to encourage “commerce and honest friendship with all”. The vast majority of our funding comes from Members.

We are independent of all political parties and will not participate in any activity which furthers the interests of any political organisation or secures or opposes a change in the law for political purposes. In their role as an Officer, Member, or Employee of the World Traders, no Officer, Member, or Employee of the World Traders may express political views or offer support for any political party, candidate or politician.

The World Traders reserves the right to organise and carry out campaigning activity, including bringing influence and pressure to bear on government, Ministers, politicians and political parties, or to offer support for specific policies, if this serves our membership or charitable purposes. In such circumstances we will always comply with charity law, civil and criminal laws, and codes of conduct as they apply, in addition to our fiduciary duties.