Applications for Funding: Guidance Notes


Objectives of the Trust:

  • To promote World Trade in all its aspects.
  • The relief of poor persons engaged in, or affected by, world trade and their dependants.
  • The furtherance of education and training in connection with the advancement of world trade.
  • The benefit of such charitable institution or purpose as the Trustees after consulting with the Company, acting through the Master, think fit.

Who Should Apply?

Proposals are invited from UK registered charities, including non-profit-making organisations involved in educational projects, whose objectives and provision of charitable services are aligned to the Objectives of the Trust as outlined above. Preference will be given to projects that meet our criteria for evaluation mentioned below:

Criteria for Evaluation

  • Requests must demonstrate that the project is aligned with the Objectives of the Trust (above).
  • Requests for any single annual donation will typically be in the range of £1000 – £5,000, though smaller amounts may be awarded from time to time.
  • Any annual request should not normally be more than 50% of total project funding for any given year.
  • Information about how the balance of the funding need will be provided must also be disclosed in the application.
  • The scope of the project and its expected results must be clear and measurable.
  • Approved projects will normally be those with which the company can be publicly identified.
  • Preference will be given to projects that are original or innovative.
  • For those projects that provide benefits that are not linked to world trade, a link with the City of London or inner London is desirable.
  • The Trustees will consider a long-term continuous project, but the annual commitment will usually be restricted to three consecutive years, though the Trustees have the right to extend that.
  • Donations are not normally made to individuals but could be made to an institution to fund some study or cover some other costs by an individual in the field of World Trade.

Application Procedure

  • Please endeavour to keep applications as brief as possible while ensuring that you address the Trust’s criteria.
  • Applicants should download and complete an application form and send to the address at the top of the form.
  • Proposals will then be considered by the Education and Charities Committee at their next scheduled meeting.
  • Suitable applications will be forwarded to the Trustees with a recommendation for funding at their next meeting.
  • The decision of the Trustees is final.

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