The World Traders’ Company is unique in offering a platform within the Livery tradition for independent and positive ¬†discussion and encouragement of world trade.

Our members come from a variety of professions, including many aspects of Finance, Law, Education and Business and from a very broad range of nationalities and cultures. We are delighted to count among our Past Masters an increasing number of women and individuals born outside the UK.

Taking place every year, the Tacitus Lecture and Tacitus Debate are key events in our calendar which foster an in-depth understanding of world trade. The opinions raised are the speakers’ own and the discussion is always lively. We warmly invite questions from the floor: not just from the business community, but from academics, students and the members of the armed forces also.

We connect our interest in world trade with our education and charity work. The charities that we support are influenced by World Traders motto, Thomas Jefferson’s “Commerce and Honest Friendship with All”. Every year a PhD student is assisted by our grant for research into world trade at the World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden.