1st Rifles



A unit who deploy worldwide at short notice with light equipment into mountainous and jungle terrain (by ‘light equipment’ you’ll understand they mean smallish packs weighing over 50 kilos per man!)


HMS Dauntless

The HMS Dauntless is a destroyer which has been deployed in the South Atlantic and the Middle East in recent years.


RAF Benson, 28 Squadron


The Squadron’s current role is as an Operational Conversion Unit, tasked with training helicopter aircrew to fly Puma and Chinook helicopters . More details can be found on the memebers’ website


1475 (Dulwich) Squadron Air Training Corps


1475 Squadron is an operating unit of the Air Training Corps (ATC) which is a national youth organisation more commonly known as the ‘Air Cadets’.


Chiswick Sea Cadets


Supported by the Royal Navy, Chiswick Sea Cadets offers young people amazing opportunities for personal development, learning new skills and working in teams.