21 May

Shrewsbury School

Company Liaison Officer: David Lam

The Sir John Bowring Memorial Prize is presented to a sixth former on the recommendation of the Headmaster. The winner will have submitted the best justification to receive the Prize to enable him or her to travel (usually during a gap year). Selection is made in May and the prize awarded in June.

Previous recipients

2009 Michelle Degli Esposti
2008 Warwick Brennand
2007 Matthias Borstell
2006 Henry Johnson*
2005 Freddie Douglas*
2004 Tom Gerrard*
2003 Fredi Eaton*
2002 Richard Pook*
2001 Ian Marsh*
2000 Jonathan Beeston – now a Freeman
1999 Tim Rigby – now a Freeman
1998 Hashish Gladioli
1997 Christopher Davis
1996 Daniel Simon – now a Freeman
1995 Dean Curran
* Winner invited to become an apprentice

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