24 Apr

City of London School for Boys

Company Liaison Officer: Mrs Mavis Gold

Two prizes of £50 each to be linked to subjects in Geography and Spanish.

Previous recipients

2012 Freddie Issitt (Geography)
2012 Alessandro Ceretti and Muhayminul Lasker (Spanish)
2010 Guillermo Medina-Moralejo (Geography)
2010 Joe Beddell-Brill (Spanish)
2009 Gary Liu (Geography)
2009 Theo Malka-Wishart (Spanish)
2008 James Ford (Geography)
2008 Hursh Mehta (Spanish)
2007 Thomas Revell (Geography)
2007 Pierre Capel (Spanish)
2006 Matthew Butcher (Geography)
2006 Paul Davies (Spanish)
2005 Matthew Butcher (Geography)
2005 Anand Shah (Spanish)
2004 Sammy Spivack (Geography)
2004 Joshua Beagelman (Spanish)
2003 Robin Parker (Geography)
2003 Liam Se-Tho (Spanish)
2002 William Packer (Geography)
2002 Benjamin Huber (Spanish)
2001 Ben Elvin (Geography)
2001 Matthew Glinsman (Spanish)
2000 Sam Halvorsen (Geography)
2000 Matthew Glinsman (Spanish)

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