07 Dec

Robert Woodthorpe Browne, Master of the World Traders was delighted to visit our military partner, 28 Squadron at RAF Benson yesterday with a delegation of World Traders. The visit is the final in his tour of our military partners, which also includes HMS Dauntless and the 1st Rifles Battalion.

It was a foggy December day, and the Master was accompanied by the Mistress World Trader – otherwise known as Barbara – and Liverymen Jan Dawson and Sarah Newman, whose joint expertise in finding employment for ex-servicemen of all ranks is of great interest. The occasion was the Parade, inspected by a 4 star American General, to celebrate the homecoming of the Battalion after an 18 month deployment in Iraq training Iraqi and Peshmerga troops as part of Operation Shader. No Riflemen were lost, so this was a celebration for the men and women and their families. The Riflemen truly appreciate their association with the World Traders, and we were included among military and civilian dignitaries in the tent.

Zoe Buckingham