Tacitus 2018 Lecture
23 Feb

Cyber-Trade: Will AI Displace or Enhance our Work?

by Nathan Myhrvold PhD

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About Nathan Myhrvold PhD

One of the world’s great polymaths, Myhrvold was born in Seattle, Washington with an education and research record spanning UCLA, Princeton University and Cambridge University in subjects relating to theoretical and mathematical physics.

Intellectual Ventures is a patent portfolio development and broking company in the areas of technology and energy which has acquired over 30,000 patents. He is also the founder of Terra Power, which aims to develop a nuclear reactor that is ‘safe and cheap’, as part of Bill Gates’ strategy to reach the goal of zero carbon emissions globally by 2050.

Myhrvold is a prize-winning nature and wildlife photographer and an accomplished and innovative chef. He has a culinary diploma from Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne and is the principal author of Modernist Cuisine, which applies scientific research principles and new techniques to cooking.

Zoe Buckingham