07 May

World Traders gathered at a resplendent Goldsmiths’ Hall on April 29th for their annual Election Dinner. Master-elect Peter Alvey, Senior Warden-elect Sue Algeo and Junior Warden-elect Mary Hardy were each presented to the company and will take up office in October. A Ceremonial Court prior to the dinner saw the clothing of new Liverymen and the admission to the Company of new Freemen. Junior Warden-elect Mary Hardy proposed the toast to the guests (which can be read here) and welcomed the distinguished speaker, Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman, who chose to address the question: “Should we still be worried about nuclear weapons?” The sobering answer, despite the increasing focus these days on the problems posed by climate change was Yes. These weapons are still very much part of our geopolitical landscape and the knowledge to make them is more widespread than many realise. Although they have helped deter major conflict over the decades since the end of the Second World War, arms-control arrangements between the major powers are currently unravelling and miscalculation could result in catastrophe. The Master, Dr Edwina Moreton, offered the vote of thanks to the speaker. That part of her remarks can be read here.

Edwina Moreton