07 Oct

For the Master, who spent 30 years of her professional life at the paper (albeit in the cramped offices of the tower on St James’s St rather than the open-plan elegance of The Adelphi building on John Adam St), this visit on September 26th was a most enjoyable homecoming to see old friends. For the other 24 World Traders in the party it was a brief window into the sheer effort, creativity, skill and thought that goes each week into producing one of the world’s most iconic publications. With the pages just closed, discussion started with a panel of journalists on the changing news that week that had forced a late rethink of what to put on the cover, and then ranged over Brexit (inevitably), Europe, America’s steady abdication from its traditional leadership role in the Middle East, the role and nuclear capabilities of Iran, and much else. Briefings on social media strategy and new techniques of data mining and data use in charts, maps and stories followed. As then did end-of-summer drinks with the wider editorial group. Thank you for the hospitality!

Edwina Moreton