20 Jan

On Wednesday 20 January 2021 four World Traders participated in an online careers panel together with London Academy of Excellence, a top-rated sixth form college located in Stratford, East London and an important WCWT relationship. Led by long-time LAE Liaison Officer Ben Pape, a team also consisting of Liveryman Danny Kalman, Education & Charity Committee chair Michael Larsen and observed by Master Sue Algeo, outlined their own career paths before responding to career-related questions from more than 60 LAE students. These would include “how does your average day looks like”, “are foreign languages important”, “do cultural experiences change your outlook” and “is it harder today to start up a career in finance”. The chair of the event, LAE’s Anushka Chakravarty, Assistant Head (Academic)summarised well the result of the nearly one-hour discussion, distilling six key attributes which employers are very likely to focus on when evaluating prospective hires: Self Confidence, Reliability, Dependability, Ambition, Empathy and, as added by the Master, Integrity.  All participants agreed the event went very well, with effusive expressions of gratitude from the students. An example of how we can make effective use of the multiple skills and experience of our members in developing students within the more deprived communities!

Michael Larsen