13 Nov

13 November, 2021 saw Master Mary Hardy, Past Master Sue Algeo and Junior Warden Michael Larsen represent World Traders at the 693rd Lord Mayor’s Day Show, hoisting the livery’s colours near the front of the 3-mile long procession. Since the 13th century this usually annual event (the only year other than 2020 being in 1852) celebrated the newly-elected Lord Mayor, Alderman Vincent Keaveny following his swearing allegiance to the Crown at the Royal Courts of Justice earlier that morning. Essentially a street party, the procession included military bands, representations from the many livery companies and others associated with the City, and more than 120 floats. Supported by favourable weather conditions (finally!) the often lively crowds lining the route gave rousing support in their usual way to the roughly 6,000 participants. All agreed it was a very fine day in the City!

Michael Larsen