27 Jan

At the Admissions Court preceding the Members’ Dinner at Cutlers’ Hall , I was delighted to admit and clothe the following members:

Admitted as Court Assistants: Anna Burman and Prem Goyal

Clothed as Liverymen: Commander Nick Chatwin OBE, Arne Mielken, Alan Perkin, Dr Dimitri Varsamis

Admitted as Freemen: George Pitiris and Richard Young

Admitted as a Journeyman: Kelvin Mills

Congratulations to all and I look forward to working with you.

After the Admissions Court there was a reception with family members and guests, followed by a members only dinner. With seating randomly allocated by raffle ticket number, and every third person asked to move after the main course, there was plenty of time to catch up with friends old and new without having to spend time looking after guests. Indeed many said it is their favourite Company event of the year for that very reason!

The evening was black tie, but relatively informal with no outside speaker. You can read the brief remarks I made at the end of the evening here.

Mary Hardy