27 Sep

The Annual Sheep Drive took place on a bright autumn day this past Sunday – much to the bemusement of passing tourists!

Liveryman Barry Leahey with his wife, Louise and daughter, Arabella completed their drive shortly after lunch. At 14.50, the Master, Senior Warden and Junior Warden and his wife, Corinne, were joined by Court Assistant Andrew Marsden and his partner, Marian, Court Assistant Zoe Buckingham and her son, Jonathan, and Freeman Wil White and his wife, Clare to take their place on the bridge for the short drive with some, mostly well behaved sheep.

Shopping time at the Livery Fair by Monument was next on the list, and we were delighted to see the Romney Tweed stall. Romney Tweed CIC was founded by Pat Alston, the wife of Past Master Robert Alston, who was inspired by the World Traders’ Sheep Drive in 2008 to get involved in wool!

We hope you enjoy these wonderful pictures as much as we enjoyed the day.

Mary Hardy