06 Oct

The Master and Past Master Michael Wren were delighted to be able to visit our affiliated ship HMS Dauntless in Portsmouth. We have not been aboard for a number of years, as the vessel was being used as a training ship, and then in Cammell Laird’s yard in Birkenhead for a major upgrade to her engines.

We had the opportunity to spend time with officers, and both senior and junior members of the crew. Donning overalls and boots, we descended several staircases and ladders to inspect the engine room. The side of the ship had been cut away to enable all the kit in the engine room to be removed and then reinstalled, this time with an additional engine for extra power and resilience.

Over lunch, the Commanding Officer, Commander Ben Power, explained that they are now aiming to reinvigorate all of their affiliations and we confirmed we will now reinstate the annual award for the best sailor, as defined by the officers, and would look to invite them to one of our events in London for the award to be presented.

A truly enjoyable day.

Mary Hardy