15 Aug

Based in an industrial setting with bohemian charm and with an airy café serving good coffee, this museum which is in Telliskivi, a short taxi ride from the centre of Tallinn, was worth the visit.

At the time of our visit they had two exhibitions running: a spectacular & colourful exhibition by Miles Aldridge – “Virgin Mary, Supermarkets, Popcorn”.

Born in London in 1964, Miles developed a deep interest in beauty, fashion, and the film industry with a notable Hollywood influence. Hence many of his photographs are staged as if a scene from a film and have a somewhat surreal feel about them.

Also being shown was an exhibition of the work of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy “Light Play”.

This pioneering artist (1895-1946) associated with Bauhaus & Constructivism, is known for his radical & experimental paintings, films and photography. With an interest in modern technology & change he experimented with dark room processes and editing allowing him to capture lines, shapes and light in a way that broke new ground in the early 20th century.

Sue Hughes