29 Sep

I am delighted to announce that on Friday, 29 September at Common Hall in Guildhall, Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli was duly elected the 695th Lord Mayor of London for the year 2023/24.

This is a great honour for Michael, and Elisabeth as Lady Mayoress. Michael was Master of World Traders in 2017-18. He will formally take office as Lord Mayor on 10th November.

This is also a great honour for our Company, as it is the first time in our history that we have been the Mother Company to the Lord Mayor.

Please read Michael’s acceptance speech at Guildhall, and see the link to his programme.

On behalf of us all, I warmly congratulate Michael and Elisabeth, and we look forward to an exciting Mayoral year ahead. We will do whatever is necessary to support them in this historic office.

Michael Shapiro