05 Oct

Giving Day is part of the City’s commitment to create a fair society, it is a unique event which unites businesses in the City and beyond by celebrating the positive impact they have through fundraising and volunteering for their charity partners (National Numeracy – Helping people feel confident with numbers, MQ Mental Health – Leading mental health research in the UK and DofE – Transforming young people’s lives and their local communities).

This year 571 City businesses took part – the highest amount ever recorded – representing an increase of approximately 10% on the previous year. City Giving Day activities included The City Watt Bike Challenge, City Walk, Treasure Hunt and Quiz Night.

The World Traders Company supported the Lord Mayor’s Appeal by donating to the sponsored City Walk and Quiz Night. The day had neither a shortage of sunshine nor City lore.

Master Michael Shapiro and Senior Warden Michael Larsen (pictured above) were among the members treated to a whistlestop tour of The City. Walkers learned about how the City’s architecture has been shaped across Millenia. Guides provided tangible examples ranging from the Roman City’s Fort Ruins to the modern City’s environmentally sympathetic architecture at St Mary Staining, where a circular building is shaped to allow for unobstructed light to nearby flora.

Despite unforeseen cancellations our quiz team soldiered on, with Captain Peter Cozens flanked by a capable Anna Burman. The team of two gave teams of six a run for their money and finished mid table, despite the last round on sport being particularly challenging.

A thank you to all who participated in City Giving Day 2023! We invite you and all members to join our efforts again next year, where we aim to build on this year’s contribution to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and showcase the power of a fully-fledged World Trader quiz team.

Thank you from The Master to Journeyman Chad Barrett for being our link man with CGD, and for all the effort he put in to the day on behalf of WCWT over the past few months.

Chad Barrett