06 Mar

The 2024 Tacitus Lecture: Optimism and Change: Sexuality, Climate and Engineering


The World Traders’ 37th Annual Tacitus Lecture, Optimism and Change: Sexuality, Climate and Engineering, was given by John Browne, The Lord Browne of Madingley on Thursday, 29 February 2024.

Co-Founder and Chairman of climate growth equity venture, BeyondNetZero, and former Chief Executive of BP, Lord Browne addressed an audience of over 700 at the historic Guildhall, speaking about the critical role a hopeful outlook has on our ability to create positive, meaningful change.

Master Michael Larsen introduced this year’s Lecture, thanking our sponsors, members and guests for their attendance and support. Alderman Vincent Keaveney CBE then shared his thoughts on the evening’s events, and the importance of the Tacitus Lecture for the City of London and beyond.

You can watch the Tacitus Lecture in full below.

The 37th Annual Tacitus Lecture

Lala Cooper