23 Apr

On the evening of 16 April 2024, Amanda Brooks, Director General for Trade Negotiations at the Department for Business and Trade (and as such with responsibilities for UK trade negotiations) provided a comprehensive and at times riveting update on where we stand with trade agreements since the decision to leave the EU.

Organised by World Traders and presented to a broad range of FSG member companies in the historic Aldermen’s Court Room, Amanda shared updates on the most recently agreed and ratified CPTPP (Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership). The Partnership, which initially involved 11 countries, is now under discussion with several others.

Amanda also spoke about the planned review of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU in 2025 before providing an overview of bilateral discussions underway with specific markets (India, GCC, Korea, Switzerland, Israel, Turkey) and those paused (US, Mexico and Canada), as well as digital agreements with Singapore, and Ukraine.

Amanda also gave insight into the actual negotiation process and the challenge of negotiating some concepts of trade deemed necessary by Britain (for example, gender equality and climate change. “Trade +” may appear less-appreciated to other countries).

Thank you to the Director General for an insightful talk.

Michael Larsen