11 Jul

It’s rare that our internal meetings, such as our Court Dinner, deserve a mention.  But sometimes…

When Lars Andersen and the Master were touring Dublin, they noticed that Irish ‘brown’ plaques on buildings for significant personages were the equivalent of UK ‘blue’ placques.  The Master suggested that Lars might start a small sideline for his Queen’s-Award-for-Enterprise-winning firm, My Nametags, having peelable nametags for buildings in the same style.

Lars couldn’t resist his Master’s bidding, and presented the result with great fanfare at our Court Dinner on Tuesday, 10 July at The Bleeding Heart in Hatton Garden.  You can see the result below and, yes, it really can be peeled off and stuck on a wall:

Lars and Michael
ENGLISH HERITAGE, The Humble MICHAEL MAINELLI, Zyen Master, lived here
Michael Mainelli