Chinese New Year
11 Feb

On the evening of Thursday, 15 February, a table of World Traders including Master Michael Larsen and Master Consort Corinne, IPM Michael Shapiro and IPM Consort Jill, Barbara Woodthorpe Browne, Don and Fran Lawrence, Amer Mahmood and several others were delighted to take part in an exuberant evening of music, song, speeches and fine food at the Bright Courtyard Club on Baker Street.

The festivities, hosted on behalf of the Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch were in aid of the armed forces and their families. Organised by the indefatigable Past Master Mei Sim Lei and with the support of World Traders, Women in the Livery, the City Livery Club, the British Malaysian Society, the Singapore Business Group, the IoD International Trade Group and UK-China Film Collab.

With David Stringer-Lamarre performing brilliantly as Master of Ceremonies, the evening included a Guzheng (Chinese harp) performance arranged by the Master, Chinese opera, and an experienced London-based Feng Shui consultant speaking on what the year of the Dragon might bring. There were also raffle prizes and an auction for several pieces of Chinese art and calligraphy. And of course, there was a spirited Lion Dance.

A tremendously fun evening with more than 200 guests. Thank you, Mei Sim!

Lala Cooper